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Interdisciplinary Research Themes

Interdisciplinary Research Themes

Responding to the world’s most pressing problems, and responding to the strategic drivers in our funding environment, requires respectful and innovative interdisciplinary research. To build critical mass in our interdisciplinary partnerships, we are focusing our research development support on five, social-science led, interdisciplinary themes:

Upcoming events from across the IRTs

For a full update of each theme's activities and areas of focus, visit the relevant theme website above.

EVENT | Bridging the Gap: Education & Health Inequalities

Monday 17 June, in person

Addressing Inequalities IRT is hosting an academic event that will explore the interconnections between public health, social sciences, and education research as they relate to strategies for overcoming inequalities in childhood and adolescence...(read more

EVENT | Social Scientists in Health

This half-day meeting is designed to showcase some of the research currently being undertaken by some of the members of the Social Scientists in Health Group. This event gives the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues working on similar research themes...(read more)

Get in Touch

If you would like to get in touch with a theme, or to be added to a mailing list, please contact us using the email addresses below.

Addressing Inequalities:inequalities-irt@glasgow.ac.uk

Challenges in Changing Cities: cicc-irt@glasgow.ac.uk

Digital Society and Economy: digital-irts@glasgow.ac.uk

Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making: justice-irt@glasgow.ac.uk

Sustainability: sustainability-irt@glasgow.ac.uk

General IRT Inquiries: socsci-interdisciplinary@glasgow.ac.uk 

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