Online System Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of frequently asked questions in relation to the Research Ethics Online System for staff and PGR students.

What do I do if I can't access the online system?

Most academic staff and students will be able to find the Research Ethics System login page in their Business Systems section.

There is also a link to the Research Ethics System to the MyGlasgow students home page:

However some may not have automatic access. In order to request this, please log an IT Helpdesk call; there are dedicated ethics options available.

Submit a support call via the IT Services Helpdesk

  1. Login using your GUID and Password
  2. Click on Request or Report Something
  3. Choose Profile Category: IT from Service Catalog
  4. Click Business Systems option
  5. Click Business Systems: Request Help
  6. Then choose category: Research Ethics System from drop down menu
  7. Then choose subcategory: Request Access and explain issue in text box
  8. Add one line description of issue in title box under main box
  9. If necessary add further details in main text box under How can we help you?
  10. Click Submit at bottom of page.

I can't find my application in the online system. Help!

Are you logged in correctly? Use your student GUID if your application was submitted as a student and your staff GUID if you submitted as a member of staff.

Is your application in draft mode? (Does the number begin with D?) If yes, on the menu on the left click on My Applications/Draft, My Applications/Active or My Applications/Completed. Your application should be displayed.

How do I check the status of my application in the online system?

You can check the status of your application (where it is in the approval process), at any time.

Log in to the online system  [    using your GUID and password. Once you have logged in, you can click on the application number under the My Applications menu item on the left. This will display the application screen. The status of the application is displayed at the top right.

What do the status options in the online system mean?

  • Admin Check:  The application is awaiting check by the ethics administrator
  • (Student) Changes Required: (if student application)  The application is awaiting the upload of changes requested by either the administrator or the ethics committee
  • Supervisor Review:  The application is with the supervisor to complete their review and send on for ethical review
  • Committee Review: The application is with the Committee (first) reviewer, who has two weeks from the date it is sent to them to upload their comments
  • Lead Review: The application is with the Lead (final) reviewer, who has one further week to upload the collated comments after the Committee reviewer has completed.

What outcomes are provided in the online system?

  1. Approved: An Approval Letter should be provided with the start and end dates of the period of approval
  2. Major Changes Required: Changes should be made as requested and uploaded with the ‘Resubmission Document’ explaining the responses. The resubmission will not be accepted by the system until the ‘Resubmission Document’ is provided.
  3. Minor Changes Required: as above for Major Changes Required
  4. Rejected: A Rejection Letter should be provided with details of why the application cannot be resubmitted. A new application can be created and submitted separately.

How do I get my approval letter from the online system?

Log in to your application then select Download on the tab beside Approval Letter.