One European University, nine campuses, countless opportunities

Created in 2019, CIVIS aims to create a truly unique inter-university campus where students will be able to tailor their own curriculum and study in any of the CIVIS member universities. 

Find out about the exciting opportunities available to you across the Alliance. 

Student Exchange

Exchange agreements are in place with all CIVIS partners in most subjects. To find out more about spending a semester or a year abroad at a CIVIS institution, please consult the Go Abroad website and Moodle; you should also discuss this option with your subject mobility coordinator. 

Short Courses and Virtual Courses

CIVIS partners have worked together to deliver new, innovative and inter-disciplinary short courses, either in person or online. Courses were for all levels of studies, and free for students registered at a CIVIS partner. Check the list of Short-Term and Virtual courses.


Open online courses catalogue 

CIVIS partners have opened a selection of their online courses, which can be taken without leaving Glasgow and can be included on your HEAR. This is a fantastic way to enrich your studies and get a taste for what it is like to study at a CIVIS institution… from home!

View the CIVIS online course catalogue.

Blended Intensive Programmes

What are Blended Intensive Programmes?

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) are a new format of mobility.

Every BIP combines online teaching with a 5-day period of physical mobility, at another CIVIS university with students from across the CIVIS Alliance.

BIPs are being developed throughout the academic year and new programmes will be available at the beginning of each semester. The first programmes will be available from 1 September.

View opportunities

Who can apply?

CIVIS BIPs are open to students & staff at any of the CIVIS member universities; please check participation criteria and processes that specifically apply to UofG students. 

Most of our BIPs are open to at least two different cycles of studies (Bachelor/Master, Master/PhD), so there is no reason to not find something that doesn’t fit your need!

Some BIPs will offer specialist insight and require you to have some knowledge particular subjects. Others will be open to everyone interested in the topic. Check eligibility criteria for each course before applying.


How will my participation be recognised?

CIVIS BIPs are rigorous academic teaching modules, recognised by the European Commission and all CIVIS member universities. A CIVIS BIP corresponds to at least 3 and up to 6 ECTS credits.

Recognition of these ECTS credits as part of your study programme depend on your mobility coordinator, but the course will be added to your HEAR even if the ECTS can be recognised.



Contact to find out about funding options.

The UK no longer associate with the Erasmus+ programme which is the main source of funding for EU students. The UofG will provide some support to enable students to participate in the short mobility period abroad.


More information on BIPs.


Learn or practice a language

Brush up your language skills and meet new people.

The CIVIS Digital Language Cafés are organised by the Språkstudion at Stockholm University. They are designed to both learn new languages and to maintain language skills in a fun and informal setting, and they are free!

The CIVIS Digital Language Cafés will start again in the autumn.


CIVIS Online tandems

Practice a foreign language online with native speakers or more proficient peers. 

All CIVIS staff can register for tandems English, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, French, Japanese and Swedish for free! The language team in Aix Marseille University will match you with a colleague or a student to start practicing.

The tandems will start again in the autumn.


CIVIS for PhD students

The aim of the Alliance is to foster a collaborative ecosystem to allow PhD students to move seamlessly between in education, work and research.  


Workshops & Graduate training:

Stockholm University's Faculty of Humanities is opening its online free-standing courses at doctoral level in the humanities to the CIVIS community. All courses are free of charge. Find out more.

Register before 15 June 2022


CIVIS Ambassadors

CIVIS Ambassadors are the first point of contact for their peers.   

If you are travelling to CIVIS partner or if you are coming to Glasgow, reach out to a CIVIS ambassador to find out first-hand what it is like to study and live there, get tips, or simply to hear to a friendly voice in your host country. Meet the CIVIS Ambassadors here. 

Become an ambassador

You had a great time at a CIVIS institution and want to become an ambassador? We would be pleased to welcome you to our team of Ambassadors. Contact the Go Abroad Team for information. 

Civic Engagement

CIVIS offers a range of short programmes and activities, which will expand your knowledge and understanding of the different types of civic engagement. Check CIVIS courses and activities for students here.

Think Global Act Local:

Each Member of CIVIS created an Open Lab and will be inviting students to become active members of projects in partnership with their local, national, global communities.

Global Initiative: 

CIVIS Open Labs have come together for the Naturashare initiative. Join the initiative and contribute to mapping the biodiversity of the CIVIS cities across Europe. We're planning local Naturashare activities on campus in September, so keep in touch to hear more.

Glasgow Open Lab:

The University of Glasgow launched their Open Lab at the end of May 2022 in collaboration with GCPHARC and the UofGEngage team. Together they have selected 10 community-led projects. Watch this space for more information on how you can get involved!