Caution: using services to pay tuition fees

Published: 24 October 2023

UoG and Barclaycard have become aware of companies who claim they can offer international students assistance with paying tuition fees or transferring money. Please note that you do not need to use services like this and you should always pay tuition fees directly to UoG.

These companies usually advertise services regarding paying your tuition fees on your behalf to your UK university, or transferring your money to your UK bank account. They may ask for your GUID and university password.

Please note, usually these companies do not use a payment platform that can be accepted by UoG.  They often retain some of the money that you have given them access to for using their service, even when the tuition fee payment is not successful.  Unfortunately the university are unable to assist with getting money refunded to students affected by this.

We would advise students to always pay money directly to the university.  Please see the UoG webpages for information on the different tuition fee payment methods you can use, and contact Accounts Receivable if you have any queries about how to pay your tuition fees (or if you are experiencing issues after using a service like this). 

First published: 24 October 2023