Changing from BRP's to eVisa

Published: 2 May 2024

The UK government are creating a digital immigration system. This means they are replacing physical documents like BRPs with an online record of your immigration status which is called an eVisa.

If you have a BRP that expires on 31 December 2024, but your overall permission to stay in the UK is longer, then you will have the remainder of your permission shown on your eVisa. UKVI will start to contact some BRP holders over the next few weeks and months with instructions on how to create an account to log in and view their eVisa.

You don’t need to pay any fee or submit any new visa application to do this. Don’t worry if you don’t receive an email from UKVI, as we understand that not every BRP holder will be contacted. You will still be able to view your eVisa even if you don’t receive an email, and we will contact all students with information when we know it.

If you have a BRP which expires 31 December 2024, but you are not sure when your overall permission to stay in the UK ends, you can:

If you already have an eVisa, then this change will not affect you and you don’t need to do anything, but please remember to regularly view your visa at the UKVI website.

You can watch a video explaining what an eVisa is. There is also useful information on eVisas and why you need one on the UKVI webpage:

First published: 2 May 2024