Team Responsibilities

The Accounts Receivable team is responsible for processing:

  • Student payments to the university
  • SAAS funding to students' accounts
  • Direct Debit plans
  • Sponsorship
  • Refunds that have been authorised

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a FAQs page where questions are grouped by each area.

The Knowledge Base on the UofG helpdesk also has articles for the questions asked most for all areas of the university, including student finance and accounts.

Articles are searchable by title and keyword. To find all answers relating to finance questions, type "student finance" (including the quotation marks).


Student payments

The team processes and allocates students payments for all fees relating to tuition, deposits, accommodation, and bench charges.

The university offers a variety of payment methods.

SAAS funding

The Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) pays tuition fees to the University for eligible Scottish domiciled students. You may also be eligible for cost of living support from SAAS.

You must apply to SAAS before the start of each year of your programme of study. If you do not apply for SAAS funding or SAAS determine that you are ineligible then you will become personally liable for your fees.

Check your eligibility for SAAS funding via the SAAS website

We are responsible for applying the SAAS funding to student accounts.

To enable us to do this the student's SAAS reference must be recorded on the student record. We then confirm a student’s attendance at the University and ensure the funds received from SAAS are recorded accurately on the system.

Direct Debits

We manage the Direct Debit process and support students with the set up to pay for tuition, accommodation, and bench fees through monthly installments.

Direct Debits can only be set up on UK current accounts. They cannot be arranged with savings accounts or accounts outside the UK.

If in doubt, please contact your bank to check if an account can be used for Direct Debits.

Direct Debit payments are taken on approximately the 15th of each month and plans run from October to April (for accommodation), or to May (for tuition and bench fees).

For information on how to arrange one, see the "How to Set Up a Direct Debit" guide on the Student Services guides page.

Other plans are available, as detailed on the payment methods page.


Upon receipt of a valid sponsor award letter or financial guarantee from the student, we process the award letters and apply the funding to the student's account and then invoice the relevant sponsors.

Award letters must include the required information to be processed successfully. Where letters do not meet the requirements, the letter will be returned to the student with the reasons why and requested to be updated and resubmitted.

There is a helpdesk article that has further explanations for rejected letters.


We manage and process all approved refund requests. Approval must be confirmed by the relevant staff member or team before we can process any refund.

The UofG helpdesk has articles that cover who to contact with specific refund requests and methods of refunding. Search "refund" to find the relevant articles.

The university's tutition fee refund policy is also available on the website.


If you have a question that is not covered by the FAQs page, you can submit a helpdesk query (if you are a registered student with a GUID) or via our email address.

When using the helpdesk, ensure that the correct category and subcategory is selected to send the query to the correct team. The category for finance-related queries is "Fees, Charges & Payments"

Submit an online helpdesk query (for registered students)

Email the team (for non-registered students)