Our Statement of Service

We exist to inspire and empower University of Glasgow students and graduates to achieve their full personal and professional potential. We do this by using a variety of tools and techniques to identify and achieve your career goals, understand the skills you are developing as part of your degree and how these apply to work, build your networks and connections and undertake life-changing opportunities locally and globally.


University of Glasgow Student: Anyone enrolled on a full University of Glasgow degree programme (undergraduate or postgraduate, including visiting students).

University of Glasgow Graduate: Anyone who has graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate, including designated degrees).

Our services to students and graduates

These services are available to University of Glasgow undergraduate and postgraduate students and University of Glasgow Graduates up to two years after graduation. If you are not in one of these groups, see "Other Learners" section.

  • Extensive online information and resources to support you with your personal and career development via our website
  • Access to events, presentations and skills sessions, both on campus and remotely, via Glasgow Careers
  • Access to local part-time work, local and national internships and graduate opportunity listings via Glasgow Careers
  • Access for current students to a range of work and study abroad opportunities, both long and short term via Go Abroad
  • Access to individual career coaching to help you identify your professional skills, interests and values and develop strategies and skills to pursue these through our career coaching appointments, bookable via Glasgow Careers, subject to our fair use policy
  • Support with job or opportunity seeking, applications and other queries via our extensive information resources and individual quick career query appointments, bookable via Glasgow Careers
  • Partnership working with academics to support the development of your skills and employability within the curriculum
  • Our careers information, advice and guidance services cover work experience, jobs, further study, skills and professional development and anything else relating to next steps following university
  • Weekly newsletters during term time to keep you up to date with information, events and opportunities

Our services to research staff

  • We support the career development of Research staff at the University through our partnership with the Researcher Development Team, developing and delivering on shared initiatives, support and resources. These are managed and promoted via the Researcher Development Team.
  • Research staff can access individual career coaching to support career development and planning. Career coaching appointments are bookable via Glasgow Careers. Subject to our fair use policy.
  • Research staff can also use the extensive online information and resources to support personal and career development via our website.

What you can expect from us

  • Commitment to the principles of confidentiality, impartiality and equality of opportunity
  • Access to appropriately trained and experienced staff
  • Staff who are professional, helpful and friendly, who are committed to helping you
  • To be treated with fairness, dignity and respect, in line with the University's Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Referral to other services, either internal or external, as appropriate

What we expect from you

  • Take responsibility for managing your own career and development, including undertaking any preparatory work requested before appointments, events or any agreed actions following such activities.
  • Honour any commitments you have made with us, such as attending (or cancelling with sufficient notice) booked appointments, events or other meetings. See our non-attendance policy.
  • Treat our staff and staff of any external organisations with courtesy and respect and show consideration for other service users.
  • Respond to requests for feedback on services you have used.
  • Respond to the Graduate Outcomes survey you receive after graduation.
  • Follow the Code of Student Conduct.

Non-attendance and fair use policy

  • We understand that unforeseen circumstances may sometimes prevent you from attending a booked appointment or event. However, we expect professional behaviour and for you to either cancel your place through Glasgow Careers or to let us know at careers@glasgow.ac.uk with as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend. This means the place can be offered to another student.
  • If you miss a booked appointment or event twice within a fourteen-day period without cancelling your booking, your online booking access may be temporarily withdrawn.
  • If you arrive late for an individual appointment, your appointment time will be shortened accordingly.
  • If you arrive late for an event, you may not be allowed to enter.
  • Appointments are in demand so we limit usage to ensure fair access for as many students as possible. It is expected that you will have no more than five appointments in any academic year. This may be extended under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of our staff.

Feedback and complaints

We are always keen to hear your feedback or suggestions for improvements. Please respond to any requests for feedback about our services.

If you are dissatisfied with any of the services you have received from us, we would encourage you to raise it with a member of our staff in the first instance and we will do our best to put it right. You can do this either in person or by emailing careers@glasgow.ac.uk.

Any complaints are handled in line with the University's complaints procedure.

Other learners

Learners in the groups below are welcome to use the extensive information, advice and guidance and open resources on our website but do not have access to Glasgow Careers for vacancies, events and appointments:

  • Students on University of Glasgow Upskilling Courses or other short courses.
  • Students studying at Glasgow International College
  • Students on Access to Higher Education courses at University of Glasgow or other pre-entry programmes
  • Students who have left or withdrawn from study without achieving a degree, once their GUID has expired
  • Students studying a University of Glasgow degree through our transnational education partners who provide student services locally

For additional support you may wish to contact one of the following organisations or equivalent organisations in your region if applicable:

AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)

We are a member of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) and adhere to the AGCAS Code of Practice which outlines core principles and standards for its member services and their staff.