Guidance and Training Materials

Before contacting SMTT regarding a timetabling query or technical issue please check the resources below.

If there is anything you think would be a helpful addition to these resources, please let us know at

CMIS Training Documents

Introduction to CMIS Training Guide 2024-25 - The place to start for new users; introduces core CMIS functionality and the CMIS user booking process.

CMIS Support Guide 2024-25 - This guide covers the core uses of CMIS for the timetabling of teaching.

CMIS and Timetabling FAQs - A series of short guides covering common questions and issues for School Timetablers.

CMIS Training Videos - A series of short videos covering core CMIS functionality.

Guidance & Quick Reference Sheets

Change Request Guidance - An FAQ answering common questions about Change Requests, the Change Request system and process.

AVIT Video Guide - A short guide outlining the differences between Videolink options.

CMIS to MyCampus Missing Data Guide - A troubleshooting guide for data which is "missing" from MyCampus.

CMIS to MyCampus Interface Overview - A flowchart diagram of the CMIS to MyCampus interface.

Data Quality Errors - A Quick Reference sheet showing the Timetables and Room Bookings 'Data Quality Errors' along with their common causes and solutions.

Local Space Manager List 2024-25 - A list of rooms with local space owners.

Lecture Recording List - A list of CTT rooms with lecture recording facilities across campus.

Other Training Documents

STT Timetables and Room Bookings Guide 2024-25 - A guide to the Timetables and Room Bookings system in MyGlasgow.