HR/Payroll System Security Statement


As concern has been expressed by some staff about the security of their information with the introduction of a new web-based system, the statement below gives an overview of the security used for the system.

  1. The HR/Payroll System uses industry standard encryption while transmitting information from your web browser to the web server using Secure Socket Layer in the form of HTTPS.
  2. In addition, the information is only available to users once they have logged in using their GUID and password.
  3. All session based cookies (these are the items that identify you once you have successfully logged in) are encrypted and are only valid during your session. Once you complete your session by either clicking on "logout" or closing ALL open internet browser windows, the cookies expire becoming invalid.

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the Systems Admin Team at

What you need to do
To ensure that your data remains secure please follow the steps:

  1. Your GUID and password are known only by you and are not shared with anyone;
  2. You don’t leave the application open and your PC unlocked when your PC is unattended;
  3. You end your session once finished so that no-one else can access it on the PC you were using.  To do this you must either:

a. Log out by pressing the “logout” link on the application window, or
b. Close ALL open internet browser windows.