Global Mobility

The University's guidance on Global Mobility can be found in the following document: 

Global Mobility Considerations

From an insurance point of view, the following considerations apply: 

1) Travel Insurance 

The travel insurance is intended to cover short term trips where it is necessary for you to leave your normal place of work for a specific purpose that is required for your studies/work. The intention is not to provide healthcare cover for staff/students who are doing work that would normally be done at UoG facilites and/or would not otherwise be eligible for the travel insurance. If you are working remotely then you will need to arrange your own personal insurance.

For staff that are working remotely, the provision of travel insurance would be a taxable benefit and it is not the intention of the travel insurance to provide a benefit to staff. 

2) Local Mandatory Insurance Requirements

For staff working away from the UK, there may be a legal requirement to have Workers' Compensation in place with a local provider. Therefore you should ensure that the insurance team are aware of your circumstances. 

This is a highly complex issue and may require the involvement of Insurance Brokers and Insurers in overseas territories so may take some time to put in place and is likely to involve additional costs which the college/school &/or institute would need to fund.