How to Make a Property Damage Claim

This guidance applies to University property only.

Students should have their own insurance for personal effects on campus or in accomodation.

The University's Property Damage insurance for buildings, general contents and stock is subject to a £50,000 excess. This means we would only submit claims for property damage (including Theft) where the cost of repair or replacement exceeds this amount as £50,000 would be deducted from any settlement the Insurers make.

There are some exceptions to this:

1) Where "All Risks" cover has been arranged via the Insurance Team and a £1,000 excess applies.

2) Where Goods in Transit cover has been arranged via the Insurance Team and a £100 excess applies.

3) For computer equipment included in your contents' declaration where an excess of either Nil or £100 applies, according to the circumstances.

For claims relating to 1) and 3), please send details to including the following:

  • Copy of the original purchase receipts
  • Quote for repair or replacement
  • Photos of damage  

For claims over £50,000, Goods in Transit claims and for items insured on the specialist policies for Fine Art, Contract Works & Livestock, please contact the Insurance Team for guidance.

For other incidents up to £50,000, the Insurance Team would welcome details of the incident as the University is asked to provide details of such incidents as part of the Insurance Renewal. Feel free to email with the date of incident, brief description and value of repairs/replacement items.