Insurance - Student Work Placements

For many students, part of their course involves a work placement with a third party organisation. Before agreeing to these placements, the student and the school/institute need to be satisfied with the insurance arrangements in place.

Travel Insurance

Any student undertaking any travel that involves an overnight stay or a flight, should ensure that they apply for the university’s travel insurance.

Your placement provider may ask you to arrange Accident Insurance, the travel insurance policy will provide the following:

  1. Cover for medical expenses arising from injury or illness occurring whilst you are away from Glasgow for your studies. This includes any injury or illness sustained whilst at your work placement and whilst travelling to and from that placement.
  2. A lump sum in the event of death or serious injury from an accident sustained whilst away from Glasgow for your studies.

  Full details of the travel insurance can be found here Travel Insurance


Liability Insurance

In the normal course of events and certainly for placements in the UK, we expect your host to treat you as an employee. This means that your host’s insurance would be expected to deal with the following claims: 

  1. Claims for damages for injury suffered by you if the injury was caused through the negligence of your host and whilst working for your host.
  2. Claims for damages from third parties for injury or damage which are caused by your negligence whilst working for your host. 

If your host is not treating you as an employee and is not providing liability cover, you can request cover for point 2. from the University by completing this questionnaire Student Placement Questionnaire Form  and emailing to The insurance team will review your application, refer to the insurers and confirm cover if acceptable.

Please allow 5 working days for processing. Complex cases may take longer.

This cover extension will provide cover for claims for damages from third parties which are caused by your negligence whilst working for your host, up to a limit of £1m. However, please note that no cover can be arranged through the university for claims for damages for injury caused to you by the negligence of your host. This means there is a gap in cover and the decision to go ahead with the placement rests with the school/institute and the student.