Apply for Travel Insurance

Apply for Travel Insurance

Who can apply for Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance can be arranged for employees & students and the spouses, partners and children of employees or post graduate students accompanying the employee or post graduate student. To be eligible, the employee or student must be travelling on University related business and have received approval in line with the University's travel policy.

What is the University's policy on Travel?

The University's travel policy is available on the Safety and Environmental Protection Services website, along with Risk Assessment Templates. All employees and students who intend to travel should be aware of the requirements as the insurance may not be valid if the University's travel policy has not been adhered to. 

You should also ensure any travel arrangements are made in line with the University's travel procurement policies. 

Where do I apply?

Applications should be made as soon as you have booked your travel arrangements and can be submitted by logging into TRICAP, using your GUID, via the following link –

Travellers should be aware that they are personally responsible for checking the status of the territory that they will be visiting by referring to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website (a link to this site is provided in the portal).  If travel to areas of countries where advice against all travel is in place, or to sanctioned countries (such as Cuba), then additional time will be required for the insurance team to obtain the necessary approvals from the insurance companies.

What is the purpose of the TRICAP?

All travel must be registered on the TRICAP. You will automatically be considered as applying for the insurance unless you opt out using the check box on the application form. 

TRICAP is used by teams across the university with involvement in staff and student travel and global mobility. Please see the Travel Process Flow Chart and TRICAP Quick Reference Guide for further information.