Travel Insurance FAQS


Do I need to declare pre-existing medical conditions?

No, pre-existing medical conditions do not need to be declared, but you must not travel against the advice of your doctor and you need to take sufficient quantities of any required medication with you.

Can I travel whilst pregnant?

There are no travel insurance restrictions on travelling whilst pregnant.  Travellers should seek the advice of their doctor and check any airline restrictions.

What medical expenses are covered?

The University travel insurance covers medical expenses incurred in the event of illness or accident.

It does not cover the cost of routine medical care.  If you are going to be overseas for a significant period of time and you require a healthcare policy, it is your responsibility to source this.

The cost of pre-travel vaccinations is not covered.

Is Covid covered?

Yes, cancellation costs due to Covid, and medical expenses if you contract Covid whilst travelling, are covered under the University travel insurance policy.

Can I travel to a country where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advise against travel?

Trips including travel to areas of countries where the FCDO advises against all travel will need to be referred to the insurers. 

Trips to anywhere in any of the following countries also need to be referred to the insurers:

High Risk countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Chechnya, Iraq, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Ukraine.

Sanctioned countries: Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

When registering any trips to these countries, you must allow additional time for the required approvals to be obtained.

Contact for further advice.

Can I take a holiday during my business trip?

If a holiday is incidental to the main business purpose of the trip, and at the same destination, then the holiday will also be covered.  “Incidental” is generally defined as up to 3 days.  If holiday longer than this is planned, or to a different destination, this will not be covered by the University travel insurance and a personal policy will need to be taken out.

Weekends during the trip do not count as holidays.

Ensure the dates of any holiday are included in the registration on TRICAP.

I need to cancel my trip due to a rail strike.  Is this covered?

Provided the rail strike was not planned at the time of booking, yes cancellation costs, or additional travel costs, due to rail strikes are covered.

If the rail strike was planned at the time of booking, it is not covered.

What happens in the event of insolvency of an airline, hotel or other travel provider?

This type of event is not covered by the insurance policy.  You will have to claim back the cost of any tickets via Selective if the tickets were bought through them, or via your credit card/bank card issues under chargeback.

Is the policy excess on a car hire booking covered?

For rentals of less than 60 days, a policy excess of up to £1,000 is covered by the University travel insurance policy, so there is no need to purchase this cover from a car hire company.

Am I eligible for the travel insurance if I am studying/working remotely away from my normal place of study/work?

No. The travel insurance is intended to cover short term trips where it is necessary for you to leave your normal place of work for a specific purpose that is required for your studies/work. The intention is not to provide healthcare cover for staff/students who are doing work that would normally be done at UoG facilities and/or would not otherwise be eligible for the travel insurance. If you are working remotely then you will need to arrange your own personal insurance.


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