How to Make a Travel Insurance Claim

This page provides details of the process which Staff, PG Students and UG students, who have taken out the University’s travel insurance with AIG UK Ltd, should follow if they wish to make a claim. 

How to submit your claim

New claims should be made direct to the Insurers via one of the following routes.

1) By using the file a claim option on the Insurers’ Travelguard Website:

    Travelguard Webpage

2) By using the file a claim option on AIG Assistance App

    AIG Assistance App Download Guide

3) By emailing a claim form and supporting documents direct to the Insurer using the contact details below

4) By phone using the contact details below (Please note a claim form will still be required)

Please visit our Claim Forms and Additional Guidance page to obtain a claim form and for further guidance on submitting your claim. 

Once the Insurers are made aware of a claim they will contact the Insurance Team to verify you and your trip are covered by the policy. 

Arranging Payment

For claims where the staff member and/or student has incurred personal expenditure then the Insurers can reimburse you directly if you provide them with your bank details

For claims where the money is to be reimbursed to the University, the insurers will require the University’s bank details. If you require these please contact Also, once the insurers have confirmed settlement, please email with details of the settlement and the project code so that funds can be transferred.


The insurance team can assist if you have any queries regarding the submission of a claim or how your claim is being handled. If your claim is denied by the insurer, and you feel you have a valid claim, we are happy to review your claim and appeal it with the insurer if appropriate.

If you require any assistance, please contact