Information for staff

University of Glasgow Health Surveillance Policy

Guidance for the provision of health surveillance in higher education institutions can be found in our Health Surveillance Policy.

Occupational Health Referrals

Management Referrals

You will find information about what happens when you are referred for Occupational Health review section.

Support for Disabled & Neurodivergent Colleagues

The University aims to maintain a people-centred and inclusive working environment where colleagues feel valued and supported and can enjoy a fulfilling career. Our "Support for Disabled & Neurodivergent Colleagues" portal has been designed to support disabled and neurodivergent colleagues and their managers to discuss, explore and implement reasonable adjustments in order to remove or overcome barriers in the workplace. Colleagues who wish to view all resources on one page/list view may prefer the ‘Toolkit View’.

Sick note to fit note – helping people stay in work

The new Fit Note (which replaced the Sick Note on the 6 April 2010) has been designed to help peple to return to work more smoothly. Further information about the fit note for employees can be found on the Directgov website.  Human Resources also have more information on their website:

New and expectant mothers who work

The Pregnant Worker Guide from the Health and Safety Executive helps answer some of the questions you may have about continuing to work while pregnant or about returning to work after giving birth. In particular, it sets out what action you need to take and what action your employer should take to protect your health and safety and that of your child. The forms and some further information can be accessed from the SEPS web pages.

The Pregnant Worker Risk Assessment Form should be completed by your line manager and forwarded to the safety co-ordinator in your School/Institute/College/Service. Appropriate steps should be taken, where necessary to avoid risk.

Safety and Environmental Protection Service (SEPS)

The Safety and Environmental Protection Services (SEPS) assists the University in integrating safe working practices into its activities. SEPS monitors these activities and provides advice on routes designed to ensure that the University complies with health and safety and environmental legislation. In addition to members of staff who are able to advise on a wide range of general topics, SEPS can provide specialist advice on fire, biological and chemical safety. More information on SEPS and the role within the University can be found on the SEPS website:

Needlestick Injury/Contamination Incident

In the event of a Needlestick Injury/Contamination Incident, information can be found via Needlestick Injury/Contamination Incident.

Occupational Health Confidentiality Statement

The service is medically confidential. Medical records are securely stored in line with the data protection requirements and only accessible to Occupational Health staff.  All Occupational Health staff adhere to a strict code of ethics in relation to the confidentiality of all consultations, telephone contact and the maintenance of medical records.

The only exception to this rule is where an individual has refused consent but the OH adviser is ordered to disclose information by a court of law.  Without exception the administrative members of Occupational Health will not divulge any information on any matter about any individual seen in Occupational Health to a third party.

Reports to management concerning an individual's fitness for work will always be discussed and agreed with the individual concerned prior to sending the report.  This advice should be treated by the recipient as sensitive personal data in respect of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the University Policy on Data Protection.  This means that the advice can be shared by the recipient only and with the individual's consent with others who have a legitimate need to know eg, because they will be responsible for implementing adjustments in the workplace.

Access to files from the former University Health Service

University Health Service patient files were moved to Glasgow University Archive Services (GUAS) on 31 July 2009, on the creation of the new Occupational Health Unit, and all records are now held in the University Records Centre (URC). More information about this and how to access your files can be found here at Access to UHS / OHU records‌.