This library includes materials I hope will be useful for you in your role.

  • MHFA Explained – a useful document for you to share with colleagues, or those using the service
  • Support Contact Information - Support contacts information list, which provides you with a list of services, internal and external, available for staff and students
  • MHFA Poster -  A MHFA poster which you can display in your building with your contact details on it
  • MHFA incident reporting form - online incident recording form for recording basic details about any interactions you have as an MHFA. There is no need to record the individual’s personal details (unless they specifically wish you to as they would like there to be a record of your meeting – in which case GDPR will apply – see below for Privacy Notice and Consent forms). Normally you would only be recording your own details, the types of issues the individual wishes to discuss with you, what help they are currently receiving and what help you signpost them to. It is important to note if you felt they were suicidal and also if you feel you would like some support following the interaction.
  • Privacy Notice Consent Form – these two forms should both be used where the individual wishes their personal details to be included in the record of the interaction.
  • If you wish to discuss an interaction you have had with a client please contact Selina Woolcott via telephone 07540202149 or by email . Selina will seek appropriate additional support if required. 

Other support that is available includes the MHFA network. This is a network of all the MHFAs (who wish to be included). We meet 2-3 times a year, have a guest speaker on a relevant topic, discussions around the MHFA service and how we might improve it as well as a chance to discuss how you are finding your role with other MHFAs.