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GU Aikido Club

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Aikido Club

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art consisting of hand and body techniques ('taijutsu'), which are used along with strikes ('atemi') to unbalance an opponent in order to throw ('nage' techniques) or immobilise them with a lock.

Aikido has its roots in the ancient warrior arts of Japan, particularly kenjutsu ('swordsmanship'), jojutsu ('stick-fighting') and ju-jutsu ('the gentle art'). The techniques rely on skill and the use of the opponent’s force against them, rather than brute strength. This means anyone can do aikido regardless of shape, size or gender.

The art is very effective – in fact it is taught to the Tokyo Riot Police! It can therefore teach you to defend yourself in any situation – even knife attacks and multiple people attacking.

Here is some demonstration of ukemi ('break falls'). One person is attacking and when the counter-attack comes, he can prevent himself from hitting the ground by doing ukemi.


Training happens twice a week for two hours each in Studio 2 of the Stevenson Building.

The club trains in a friendly and safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. Everyone is welcomed to practice, with or without previous martial arts experience, and is treated equally and given the same high standard of teaching.

We hold taster sessions at the beginning of semesters 1 & 2 to try out aikido, but we also always welcome beginners at any point during the year. Buying a keigogi ('practice clothes') is not compulsory, just turn up with a tracksuit (please avoid shorts!) and wear sandals/socks/shoes until reaching the mat.


To join our club, you will have to secure a full UofG Sport membership and then stop by any of our weekday training slots, after which you can decide whether our club is right for you. If you want to become a member, you will only have to pay an SAF (Scottish Aikido Federation) fee of £15 per person.

Don't forget to check our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook for updates on training times, dates, socials etc.


Socials are held every two weeks after training. We go to the pub to enjoy some drinks (both alcoholic and not), get to know each other and catch up with each other. We also occasionally hold game nights during the year, open to everyone.

Last updated: September 2023

How to Join

Joining a GU Sports Club is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Join UofG Sport with one of these three memberships only:
    • Student Sport 12-month Full-Access (£170)
    • Student Sport Semester Full-Access (£99)
    • Student Sport Accommodation 12-month Full-Access (£120)*
  2. Contact the Club about what membership type you should select (if you're unsure) or if you have any questions
  3. Use the Club Management Portal to join the Club online

You'll need your UofG Sport Member ID to join a Club. Here's where to find your Member ID.

* Discounted Accommodation membership is only available to students living in UofG Accommodation, and is not available for online purchase – please join at Front Desk at the Stevenson Building.