GU Potholing Association

Glasgow University
Caving Association
Founded 2002

Explore deep limestone passages following underground river systems. Descend on ropes through gigantic vertical cave systems. See cave formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and fossils. Experienced cavers and total newcomers to the club have done all these things over the past few years and you can join us.

Have you ever watched Planet Earth with your mouth open in awe? Take part in our expeditions and experience first-hand such challenges as SRT and navigation of complex cave systems. Be deafened by the power of a surging waterfall; conquer your fears by stepping out into the void to descend into darkness with your descender and rope. Squeeze through gaps so small you can't even turn your helmet when halfway through. Push yourself to try things you never would, like climb up an icy waterfall, or conquer your claustrophobia and fear of heights in one place. Do all this before clambering out of the cave and enjoy a fun-filled (and drink-filled, if the fancy takes you) evening in the cozy caving hut.

We run regular trips – usually to Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Assynt – every month or so. You don't need to have any specialist equipment or experience. We provide SRT (single rope technique) sessions every Thursday to help you get used to the skills that you will need in the caves, if you don't feel comfortable with SRT most areas have non-SRT caves which are just as fun – if not better, depends who you ask!

We go bouldering every Tuesday at TCA at 6pm, then we head to the pub afterwards for a catch up and wee pint. We also do other socials, ranging from mini-golf to sub crawls. Feel free to join our small but welcoming club and push your limits. We post updates about trips and socials on our Instagram, we also have a Linktree which contains a bunch of caving-related resources! Feel free to message us to ask about the club.

Last updated: August 2022

How to Join

Joining a GU Sports Club is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Join UofG Sport with one of these three memberships only:
    • Student Sport 12-month Full-Access (£170)
    • Student Sport Semester Full-Access (£99)
    • Student Sport Accommodation 12-month Full-Access (£120)*
  2. Contact the Club about what membership type you should select (if you're unsure) or if you have any questions
  3. Use the Club Management Portal to join the Club online

You'll need your UofG Sport Member ID to join a Club. Here's where to find your Member ID.

* Discounted Accommodation membership is only available to students living in UofG Accommodation, and is not available for online purchase – please join at Front Desk at the Stevenson Building.