‌Club accounts spreadsheet

  1. Download the Club accounts spreadsheet (xlsx).
  2. Save it to your memory stick as "Your Club Name - Accounts, Year" (e.g. Netball - Accounts, 2012-13).
  3. Club Treasures should complete it throughout the year, recoding all financial transactions carried out by the club.

‌Club expenses claim form

  1. Download the Club expenses claim form (xlsx).
  2. Complete it when claiming back Club related expenses.
  3. Accompany all claims by appropriate receipts or supporting documents.
  4. Submit the form within 28 days of expenses being incurred.

Coaching claim breakdown

  1. Download the ‌Coaching claim breakdown (doc).
  2. In the absence of an official receipt or invoice from a Club Coach, this form must be completed and attached to the "Club expenses claim form", in order to claim agains your Club's coaching allocation.
  3. Only coaches who have been registered with GUSA will be eligible for receiving the payment.

GUSA Club receipt

  1. Download the GUSA Club receipt (doc).
  2. Use this form when a receipt is required for a payment the Club has made (e.g. to pay referees).
  3. The form must be fully completed and signed by the recipient to be acknowledged as a valid recipt by the Finance Committee.

Personal expenses claims

Contact the GUSA President for information and relevant claims forms for personal expenses.

Additional finance

You can request additional finance from the GUSA Finance Committee for unforseen expenses.

General Information

Instruction for Treasurers

  1. Contact the GUSA Finance Convenor in the first instance, if you think you need to apply, to establish if your Club is eligible.
  2. An application form will be emailed to your Club Account for you to complete and submit.

Please note: This fund is limited due to to the financial restrictions GUSA faces each year and therefore can't be guaranteed.

GUSA loans

GUSA Finance Committee may occasionaly consider a loan. This is if a Club needs help meeting high value expenses while having no means of meeting the cost from their own bank account (e.g. purchases or damage deposits).