GU Handball Club

GU Handball Club

Glasgow University
Handball Club
Founded 2016

Handball, also known as Olympic Handball, is a sport in which two teams of seven attempt to navigate the ball into their oppositions goal from quick passing, fast-turnovers, and significant physical contact. It is a popular European sport (though not so much in the UK), with over 30 million worldwide players at all levels.

The club is diverse when it comes to both experience and nationality, and we welcome anyone looking not just to stay active and have fun, but also that want to try something new. Many of our players had never touched a handball before!

The sport provides an opportunity for many different styles of play, and there are important roles for students of all levels of fitness.

With no try-outs, there’s a space in the team with your name on it.


Trainings are held in the Activity Hall on Level 5 of the Stevenson Building, twice a week. The Monday session is divided in two, for individual men’s and women’s training, but the Friday sessions are mixed. This allows for the best of both worlds – separate coaches will prioritise different methods of training, but Friday sessions help us to be social with all members of the club.

We have drinks at Bank Street Bar and Café after the Friday training, with all members welcome!


We compete in the Scottish University league. Matches are held on Sundays throughout both terms and depending on our place at the end of the season, we participate in BUCS Nationals against top teams from both Scotland and England.

As our games are on a different day to typical BUCS club matches throughout the year, Handball is great choice for anyone looking to be a member of multiple competitive clubs!

Despite being a recently founded club, both teams have done remarkably well. Our achievements include:

  • 2022-23 — Women's 2nd place in the University league, and 2nd place in BUCS Cup
  • 2021-22 — Women's 1st place in the University league, and 2nd place in BUCS Cup
  • 2019-20 — Women's 1st place in BUCS Plate
  • 2019-20 — Men's 2nd place in BUCS Plate
  • 2018-19 — Men's 2nd place in BUCS Plate


Since Handball is a team sport, we greatly value the friendships created within the club. As so many of our members are international, club socials provide a real opportunity for new students to make close friends.
Our socials have ranged from Laser Tag to Pub Crawls to Bowling, as well as both hikes and trips to the beach. Many members attend the gym on weekends together too- join us!


Everyone is welcome regardless of skill or prior knowledge of the sport. With such a small UK following, we are excited to introduce as many people as we can to one of the best sports out there! There are no try-outs to join either team.

Taster sessions will occur at the start of each semester, though there are options to join at any stage in the year. Check our social media accounts for information regarding taster sessions, and to contact us!

Last updated: September 2023

How to Join

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