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Welcome to Glasgow University Muay Thai (GUMT), one of the biggest and most active clubs within Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA)! Muay Thai is a martial art and combat sport, translating to "the art of eight limbs" in the Thai language. This means we learn how to throw punches, elbows, kicks and knees, and enjoy a full-body workout! Our training is suitable for all levels of skills, experience and ability, and is a great way to develop your fitness, strength and flexibility. With training offered five days a week, there's something for everyone!


We offer sessions with our 3 highly-trained and professional Coaches on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, open to all levels from beginner to intermediate. Additionally, higher level Intermediate sparring happens at our Coaches' gym, Everyday Athlete, every Saturday. Finally, we offer a Sunday fitness session – everything from yoga and mobility, to weightlifting and HIIT – to support and elevate your training on the pads during the week. Light, flexible sportswear is recommended, and a personal water bottle is always a necessity!

Fight Night!

Twice a year we host our famous biannual Fight Nights, bringing together members from other university muay thai clubs from across Scotland, in a night packed with punches, kicks and an electric atmosphere!

Social Events

Alongside our Fight Nights, we also host fortnightly themed socials and other several big events throughout the year, including the Fall Ball and Fundraising events.
We also run sober socials every month (usually involving food!) and have 'families' organised so that every club member has a member of committee as a point of contact, alongside a number of 'siblings' to get to know during the year.

Further Info

Since our training is held in the Stevenson Building, you will require a UofG Sport membership to gain access. If you are struggling with unforeseen short-term financial difficulty, GUSA has recently launched a Hardship Fund which you may want to check out.

Unfortunately since COVID-19 we have stopped offering communal gloves. If you have your own gloves, we recommend you bring them along. If you don’t however, we also have a Facebook shop set up, where you can purchase GUMT branded gloves, 2023/24 club T-shirts, shorts, and hand wraps. Pads, shin guards and belly belts are provided and cleaned between sessions.

Last updated: September 2023

How to Join

Joining a GU Sports Club is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Join UofG Sport with one of these three memberships only:
    • Student Sport 12-month Full-Access (£170)
    • Student Sport Semester Full-Access (£99)
    • Student Sport Accommodation 12-month Full-Access (£120)*
  2. Contact the Club about what membership type you should select (if you're unsure) or if you have any questions
  3. Use the Club Management Portal to join the Club online

You'll need your UofG Sport Member ID to join a Club. Here's where to find your Member ID.

* Discounted Accommodation membership is only available to students living in UofG Accommodation, and is not available for online purchase – please join at Front Desk at the Stevenson Building.

GU Muay Thai Club

GU Muay Thai Club

GU Muay Thai Club

GU Muay Thai Club

GU Muay Thai Club

GU Muay Thai Club