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Glasgow University
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Founded 1965

GU Squash

Whether you want to play competitively, try out a new sport, improve your fitness, or simply socialise, GU Squash is the place for you.

We are a club of over 100 members, and we pride ourselves on catering for all abilities and needs. Though you will be playing with people of a similar standard at your training sessions, every other aspect of the club is completely mixed. This is because we believe the most important thing a club can do is create a positive community and get people passionate about the sport.

Social Events

Fridays are social nights, where we hope to see as many new faces as possible. After playing some games, we head to Bank Street Bar for free food. Keep an eye out on Facebook for information about social events, fundraisers and tours!


For those looking for some competition, there are four mixed teams and two women's teams who play every week in the West of Scotland Squash Leagues. No matter what ability you are or how seriously you take the sport, there will be plenty of opportunities to compete, improve and make friends!



To join our club, first secure gym membership and then join online or contact us for further information.

Page last updated: September 2022

GU Squash Club

GU Squash Club

GU Squash Club