Founders: Vanja Popovic (Computing Science,MSc  and Leonardo Zussner (Business Management and Economics, MA(Soc) 2021)
Business Launch: 2021

We provide a frictionless, engaging and personalised recruitment experience to the next generation of talent. In other words, we are the 'tinder' of recruitment, candidates simply swipe to apply for jobs and their digital profile is sent instantly to the employer.




Where did the idea come from? 
As students, both Vanja and Leonardo know how difficult it is to juggle academic, social and work life. Our friends at the time were struggling to access student jobs, applying for countless jobs, dedicating a lot of time submitting multiple CV's and cover letters for which they that they never heard back of again. Vanja and Leonardo want to change this with bobbll.

What support or advice have you received?

The University of Glasgow Enterprise department was a phenomenal starting point for us to gain confidence and guidance on our startup. It is truly amazing how much they support their students involved in the start-up ecosystem to achieve their goals. As of today, the university plays a fundamental support system for us but we have expanded our advisory board as we have progressed further.

What is the best and worst thing about running your start-up?
We would say that the best thing so far is seeing our initial vague idea become a reality. When we first started, we had no clue exactly as to how we would proceed, what logo, what colours etc. Today we have a functioning IOS, Android and Website system that we fully developed from scratch. Seeing the progress over time and looking back at what we have achieved so far is very fulfilling! The worst thing about being a start-up is that every decision you make you are responsible for. That can add a lot of pressure at times. But oftentimes, the worst things are also the best, we are in a position to make a difference and help students access job opportunities with ease. So that is pretty awesome!

What has been the biggest challenge so far? 
Currently, the biggest challenge we are facing is increasing awareness of our product at Universities. So if you have any ideas feel free to reach out

What does success look like for bobbll? 
Keeping the momentum going and progressing every day, even if the progress is small ... it is still progress

What would be your one piece of advice for students?
Be patient and persistent!