European Union students

The tuition fee you pay will vary depending on your fee status and your programme. Tuition fees are detailed in the table below.

For many applicants, your fee status is the same as your current country of residence. However, not all cases are this straightforward. We use the information you provide on your application to determine your fee status, and will confirm this with you after you submit your application.

"My home is NOT in Scotland or the rest of the UK and I am an EU national."

If the above statement applies to you then you will probably be classified as an EU student.

Information regarding EU fee status and new immigration routes

Your fee status

Information for prospective undergraduates from the EU who have applied to study at the University of Glasgow.

Tuition fees for EU undergraduates from 2021

The Scottish Government has confirmed EU students commencing their studies in 2021/22 and later will not be eligible for Home fees (free tuition) nor funding from the Scottish government i.e. all non-UK students will be treated identically. 

The University of Glasgow continues to be committed to ensuring a strong relationship with our existing and future EU students, please check out our EU scholarships for new incoming students.

Tuition fees for EU undergraduates starting in 2019 and 2020

The Scottish Government has now confirmed free tuition in Scotland for EU students commencing their studies in 2019 and 2020. Students will be admitted as Scottish/EU fee status students and retain that status for the duration of their studies. EU students enrolling in 2019 and 2020 continue to remain eligible for tuition fee support from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).

For more information:

Fee status policy

SAAS Funding

The Students Award Agency for Scotland (SAAS) pays tuition fees to the University for eligible Scottish domiciled students. You may also be eligible for cost of living support from SAAS.

You must apply for payment of your fees to SAAS before the start of each year of your programme of study.

If you do not apply for SAAS funding or SAAS determine that you are ineligible then you will become personally liable for your fees.

Apply for funding

Apply as early as possible. Do not wait for exam results or a firm offer.