The two year Master of Science in Tourism Development & Culture (TourDC) is international in scope whilst having a strong base in Europe. You will develop an awareness of the importance of culture as a set of values and meanings underpinning societies, as well as culture as an asset to be sold. It recognises the need for sustaining cultural heritage and to grow resilience within communities that wish to develop tourism in an ethically sustainable way by examining the impacts of tourism on individuals, destinations and society. You will gain a broad introduction to the tourism industry and types of tourists, as well as a deeper understanding of contemporary issues relating to the natural, cultural and urban environments and sustainability. TourDC has a common and integrated approach manifest in courses that relate to its central objectives, complement one another and add distinctive attributes to the academic subject matter.

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, Master of Science (MSc) in Tourism Development & Culture (TourDC) provides an excellent opportunity for those new to tourism to engage and attain a broad grasp of the subject, as well as a deep and analytical insight into aspects of tourism development, culture and related industries. Courses are both theoretical and practical. Some involve field trips, along with work placement opportunities. This will equip you for the working world in the tourism, heritage, and wider culture-based industries.

An array of academic conferences, workshops and other socio-cultural events involving all consortium partners will help to make the TourDC experience a truly rewarding one in terms of making lasting friendships, creating a professional network and equipping you for a future professional career.

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